A Little About Noelle

A long time ago, back when I was about six or seven years old, my mother, finally (due to much persuasion) allowed me to bake with her. It had been something I had wanted to help with for as long as my young brain could remember. I had always loved watching my mother work in the kitchen, to me, there was something beautiful about it.  One of my brothers was gluten-free at the time, and there was five kids in total. So, my mother was constantly in the kitchen. That is where my love for baking began. 

Only little while later, my mother was reading me a book, I will never forget the scene where a young girl was in the kitchen with her family’s cook, and she asked the cook what made her food so good. The cook replied ‘Why, I put a heap of love in everything I bake’.  So, I of course, proclaimed that that must have been my own mothers secret to making food, and that was why it tasted so good!

Well, now that I’m older, not much has changed. I still believe that there’s nothing like my mama’s cooking, and that a heap of love is the secret to great tasting food. That, and a spoonful of pixie dust. 😉

I hope to show you the magic in baking, as my mother showed me not so long ago.